Is there a person you hate to love?

You may have found yourself in a love-hate relationship once. Maybe you haven’t. Quite simply you hate that you love that person.

If you think of domestic abuse victims that don’t leave their partner, it is because they love them. Unfortunately this isn’t healthy.

I don’t believe anyone should be made to be unhappy with brief moments of happiness. The other way around works fine because the majority of the time you are happy.

So as a rule of thumb, don’t get into love-hate relationships unless you feel it can work for you.

A lot of the time you don’t know that you are in a love-hate relationship until getting to know the person properly.

Indicators you may hate the person you love:
-You don’t share many common interests
-You get annoyed with them easy although you might not tell them
-You get annoyed with them often
-You feel you need a break from them
-You are happier without them than with them




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