Move forward with the times, YOU can’t live in past

Many people seem to think that it is best to live in the past. I’ve noticed this phenomenon more and more recently. I think it is more prevalent now because everything is moving so fast. The news changes within seconds, new things get designed daily and older ways of doing things are criticized daily. There are a lot of the older generation who don’t want to learn how to use a mobile phone or don’t want to change their old one perhaps.

New things can be daunting and scary, I suppose we may have been designed to be weary of new, unusual things. I’m not going to say that the new way of doing things are better or even needed sometimes but I do believe that there is room for it.

Sometimes new things can be bad for example I don’t particularly believe in some of the medicines that people seem to use now. A lot of it seems unnecessary and seems like a way to get the patients off the doctors back. You may think that this seems like an extravagant claim but I have experience working in a pharmacy and in the medical field. You’d be surprised at some of the side-effects of the drugs.

What I’m trying to get at here is that you shouldn’t shun the future but also not forget the past. If one works better than the other then you have your conclusion. For example an old book may be better than a new one but you have to experience both to know.

Generations tend to think differently and you might be surprised what you can learn from a future generation.

In summary: – Don’t ignore the future

-Don’t forget the past

-Experience both as they both might be useful

-Enjoy the journey



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