Be Open-minded!

Too often these days people think in a one-dimensional state. There is either right or wrong, no in between in many peoples standpoint. Why?

Well I believe it has something to do with the rapid growth in the science industry. There is only one dimension with science as you probably already know. There are a lot of examples especially in the fitness industry I’ve noticed. For example a classic is “high reps for toning, low reps for strength and muscle”. People often don’t take this as a guideline but as a solid fact. Yet if I challenge the idea and tell them if there is an in between they won’t accept it. The funny thing about this is that I have yet to see any significant study to show that a lot of these “rules” are actually true.

Quite recently I read a sentence in a book that had me thinking for hours about things. By paraphrasing the sentence I hopefully will get the same message across to you; “until you experience both sides of every argument, you should hold back your judgement”. Basically this means that there are plenty of positives and negatives but quite often we judge too soon and have already made our mind up of situations.

It is very hard to not have our judgement on a situation but when you can learn to be open-minded you will notice a weight lifted off your shoulders.

What are the benefits?

-you will be less angry with people who disappoint you by their decisions

-you will be happier with everyday life

-you will respect peoples decisions more

I will finish this post with a little story. Me and some friends went out to a new city for my birthday. I met a lot of new people who my friends knew yet I didn’t. I was speaking to one of them and he was telling me how his best friend cheated on his girlfriend a lot. I was shocked as you can understand and called him a not very pleasant name that I won’t repeat. Then he said to me no he isn’t, he’s one of my best friends. Now you can interpret this as you like but I noticed that he had only thought about his best friends feelings and not his best friends girlfriends feelings.

In summary, stop being so close-minded!

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