Why be impatient?

It may be true that we don’t have unlimited time on this planet but there is some truth to “good things come to those who wait”. Yes believe it or not waiting can make your perspective change completely. I’m not encouraging people waiting to start their diet after the weekend or to start working out tomorrow because it is too late tomorrow. You should go get what you want now, I talk more about it in my book “DO WHATEVER THE F*CK YOU WANT TO DO”. You can get your free preview by e-mailing me today at enquiries-findyourselfhere@hotmail.com.

There are two rules when you shouldn’t be impatient – 1) If you have no influence on the situation at all. For example don’t be impatient if you’re waiting for a friend but his bus is late, you cannot influence that situation.


2) YOU are not willing to put in the time, commitment and energy into influencing a situation that can be influenced. Unless you are willing to make the sacrifice then don’t be impatient that your not being promoted in your job, don’t whine and make excuses why things won’t happen faster when it is YOU who has to make a change.

If you wait it out you could change your perspective completely and save yourself that added stress in your already stressful life.


e-mail us at – enquries-findyourselfhere@hotmail.com


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